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“Jurmala Apartment” house rules.

Dear guests (hereinafter referred to as guests)! Please read carefully the Jurmala Apartment Rules. To clarify the information, please contact the responsible person Linda Anderson, tel. +371 26396741, hereinafter referred to as “responsible person”.

1. “Jurmala Apartment” Terms of Use

1.1. When arriving at the apartment, pay attention to the property list in the apartment, hereinafter referred to as – apartments. It is forbidden to damage “Jurmala Apartment” property. In order to avoid further disagreements when arriving at the apartment and finding inventory damage, please inform the responsible person immediately.

1.2. Guests should treat the property of “Jurmala Apartment” with care and use the facilities and equipment according to their functions, comply with public order and fire safety regulations. In case of property damage, technical damage, emergency (leakage of water, fire, breakage of glass, etc.), inform the responsible person immediately.

1.3. Damage caused by the guests is subject to a refund in accordance with the property registration fees found in the room.

1.4. The guest bears responsibility for the loss or damage to the apartment property, and is liable to compensate for the full loss in accordance with the act of material damage.

1.5. Ruined towels or bed linen are subject to a fee (including coffee, wine, beer, chocolate, fruit, berries, lipstick, ink and other stain).

1.6. Jurmala Apartment is not responsible for the guest property left unattended.

1.7. Apartment guests have to close the water taps when they leave the room, turn off the lights and electrical equipment. Windows and doors must be closed to secure the property. In case of rain, remove the fabric mattresses from the garden furniture and move them to a dry place.


2. Internal Policies for Living in “Jurmala Apartment”

2.1. After paying for the stay at “Jurmala Apartment” the guests will receive a suite of keys (2 keys) from the responsible person, if necessary, two sets are provided. The set consists of keys to the entrance doors and keys from the gate – access to “Jurmala Apartment”. It is prohibited to transfer the keys to third parties, except people staying in the apartment. After the keys are handed over to the guests, a duplicate of the key remains with the responsible person.

2.2. In case of losing the keys, the guest must compensate for the cost of making a new set of keys.

2.3. From 23:00 to 7:00 It is forbidden to disturb the peace of other residents with loud or inadequate behavior out in the territory and indoors. Guests are fully responsible for their own and their guests’ actions.

2.4. Guests are not allowed to leave their friends in the apartment without their supervision or to give them the keys without informing the responsible person.

2.5. The person in charge of “Jurmala Apartment” has the right to refuse service to the guest and ask to leave the apartment, incl. property area if the guest is under the influence of strong alcoholic, narcotic or psychotropic substances. In this case, the reservation money and the fee for the services provided are not refunded.

2.6. Children under the age of 16 should be supervised by parents or an authorized person.

2.7. Without prior approval, you are not allowed to light candles in the apartment. It is forbidden to bring and store flammable objects and substances in “Jurmala Apartment”.

2.8. Smoking is not permitted in the apartment. A fine of EUR 300.00 (three hundred euros, 00 cents) is charged for smoking in the apartment.


3. Services offered by “Jurmala Apartment”

3.1. The basic services provided in the apartment: handing over the apartment for housing, cleaning, calling an ambulance if necessary, home appliances, utensils and other equipment for use to ensure a comfortable stay in “Jurmala Apartment”.

3.2. Apartment price includes:

Free internet (WiFi);

National and international TV channels;

Cleaning once a week;

Change of bed linen once a week.

3.3. Check-in time is from 3:00 pm, departure time until 11:00 am

3.4. Regular cleaning (dust sweeping, garbage disposal, cup and cup washing, cleaning of sanitary facilities, change of toiletries), as well as change of towels takes place once a week.

3.5. Bed linen is changed once a week. If the guests wish, an additional change of bed linen can be done for a separate fee.

3.6. Weekly housekeeping takes place from 9:00 to 17:00

3.7. Extra services are not included in the total payment and are refunded separately at the time you’re staying in the apartment. Additional “Jurmala Apartment” Services:

Transfer to/from the airport;
Ordering a taxi;
Bicycle hire;
Dry Cleaners;
Hair dressers.


4. Entry and parking of motor vehicles

4.1. Parking for guests at “Jurmala Apartment” building is not allowed. Free parking is available at Tirgonu Street, opposite the property, in exceptional cases, when free parking is not available, parking at the nearby Juras Street is free of charge.

4.2. “Jurmala Apartment” does not bear any material liability for damage caused to the guest’s vehicle during the stay at “Jurmala Apartment”.


5. Special Terms for “Jurmala Apartment”

5.1. It is not allowed to stay with pets at “Jurmala Apartment”.

5.2. It is assumed that the beginning of handing over the apartment for housing means that the guest is familiar with the Terms and agrees with the above conditions.

5.3. In cases where guests have repeatedly violated the Jurmala Apartment’s internal rules of stay and have caused material damage or inconvenience to others, the person in charge of “Jurmala Apartment” is entitled to refuse accommodation or evacuate the guest.


6. Catering

6.1. Catering and breakfast are not provided for the guests.

6.2. While staying at “Jurmala Apartment”, guests are allowed to cook in the kitchen area.

6.3. All responsibility for proper and safe use of kitchen equipment, cleanliness of dishes, storage of prepared food, etc. is taken by the guests of the apartment.

6.4. It is forbidden to cook with an open flame and to cook dishes that have a sharp/spicy, specific aroma.

6.5. It is forbidden to throw food waste into the sewer.

6.6. After guests leave the apartment, the staff cleans and organizes the whole kitchen area.


7. Apartment booking and payment order

7.1. The following apartment booking procedures are defined:

7.1.1. Applying by calling the person responsible on the telephone, Linda Andersone +371 26396741 or making a reservation on the website of “Jurmala Apartment” –, later the application must be confirmed by the parties by e-mail, indicating the specific arrival time;

7.1.2. Payment invoice is sent (by e-mail);

7.1.3. After making the payment, “Jurmala Apartment” provides confirmation of the booking by sending the information in writing to the guest by e-mail.

7.2. In case of a cancellation, the amount of money paid is not returned.


8. “Jurmala Apartment” and guests’ responsibilities

8.1. If the guest is faced with a shortcoming in the service provided or the service’s non-compliance with the assigned category, he / she is entitled to claim the needed correction without additional charge and within the time limit.

8.2. “Jurmala Apartment” is obliged to eliminate the shortcomings of the service provided 24 hours from the moment the guest has made an appropriate claim.

8.3. “Jurmala Apartment” is not responsible for any deficiencies in the services provided if it proves to be due to the fault of the guest or due to force majeure.

8.4. “Jurmala Apartment” is not responsible for the power failure of the city.

8.5. In case of forgotten items, as much as possible, “Jurmala Apartment” will contact the property owner, if this fact is known. Forgotten items are stored for 1 month, but then destroyed, for which an appropriate form act is drawn up.

8.6. In case of serious material damage to “Jurmala Apartment” by the fault of guests and/or their 3rd parties, an act must be drawn up. In such cases, the guest, without the direct compensation of the damage caused voluntarily or through the court, must cover the damages provided by “Jurmala Apartment”, incl. the damage done by 3rd parties that would require repair and/or related to furniture change and similar cases (eg flooding the premises).


Linda Andersone

T: +371 26396741



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